Install openvpn gui linux mint

Install openvpn gui linux mint

In order to use an openvpn connection on Linux Mint, one has two possibilities : use the usual command sudo openvpn --config client.conf or to use a GUI. This is a guide to use a GUI.

Configure Linux Mint

  1. Download the files associated with your vpn connection and save them on your computer (to generate the vpn config files using Debian, see my previous post Install openvpn debian 8).
  2. Fire up a terminal (Ctrl+Alt + t) and type sudo aptitude install network-manager-openvpn-gnome (type your admin password when prompted)
  3. Open the network connections panel (click on the menu icon and search for “network-connections”)
  4. Click Add > Import a Saved VPN configuration > Create
  5. Give it a connection name (let’s call it openvpn test) and note the ip address present in “gateway”
  6. Choose the client.conf file that should be in the folder from step 1
  7. Click Save

Test the configuration

Go to and write down your ip adress. Click on the network connection icon and the toggle the button next to “vpn connection”. After a few seconds, you should see the following message:


Wait for 10 seconds, reload The ip adress should now be the same as the one you noted in step 5 (the ip address of the gateway).

Thanks to cyberghost for their useful tutorial.

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